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About Venheko

Venheko Trading and Projects is a dynamic, up –and-coming electrical and mining contracting company .We focus primarily on new electrical installations ,maintaining and improvement of existing installations , HV cable jointing, installation of fibre optics cables, instrumentation controls , installations of solar panels, generator repair and maintenance, as well as electrical reticulation in various sectors of the economy. Our company also specializes in the maintenance of buildings and energy efficiency management.
We also conduct numerous mining services and supply.
Our technical team comprises of highly competent individuals who have accumulated tonnes of working experience from not only honing their craft and skills in the SADC region, but some have worked extensively in engineering projects overseas. Venheko team has trade tested electricians (Red Seal), technicians and consultant engineers who can deliver superb results at an expeditious, safe and reasonable cost. Our dedicated technical staff will always go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our dedication and services. We always strive to put the customer’s needs first.


To be the safest, most customer –focused and successful electrical and mining services company in Africa.


“To make the world inbound and transform how engineering services are done to attract, engage and satisfy customers.”.
Our culture code includes the following:
• We obsess over customers, not competitors.
• We speak the truth and face the facts.
• We are radically and uncomfortably transparent.
• We are selective about our team members.
• We are a perpetual work in progress. 


We do installation of gold and coal mine crushers, screeners, mills, and static generator for upcoming mines.

We also do the planned maintenance of generators and plant machinery and their reparation at a low cost.

Among these services we also do renovations of big properties –rewiring and home automation and through our seasoned Instrumentation and Control technicians we offer a variety of services to companies:

• Calibration of various instruments
• Installation of PLCs, VSDs and control panels
• Building of control circuits
• Wiring and termination of cables 

We also do electrical and instrumentation and control consultation work for companies, to help them deliver their services in time.


We take time to understand what the client has in mind before we supply our services. This we do through continual communication.
We also achieve this through the use of detailed method statements that are tailor made to fit the scope of work.

We always give daily reports through written documents to achieve a retraceable work history which in turn helps us to later analyse and redefine our services to fit our different clients.

Venheko products and services are strictly governed by laws of conformity therefore all customers’ needs are met regardless of the fact that the client is unaware. .
At Venheko, we always give our clients guarantees and offer affordable maintenance services to ensure loss-time free operations.  

SHE policies are closely integrated in our day-to day thinking and execution of tasks to ensure loss-time-injury free work hours.
Every individual is responsible for his safety and others.
We employ the current SHE standards and we review our documents periodically to ensure they adhere to constantly changing standards. This we achieve through a team of seasoned SHE personnel who have years of documents designs.
Because when we think of work we think of safety our SHE department is allocated a bigger budget than any other department. 


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